Offering creative solutions built on solid experience

Susan Estomin Interior Design is a well-seasoned endeavor steeped in passion and dedication. The last fifteen of her forty years of experience have been spent in Northern Florida. She started when she was very young, we might add. Please refer to our about-page for the languorous details. Anyway, after working in the Washington DC metropolitan area, it took a while to adjust to the casual nature of things in the Sunshine State, including contractors that literally skip work when “the bass are running,” whatever that means.

As a professional member of ASID or the American Society of Interior Designers when it was still known as AID or the American Institute of Interior Designers during days of old, Susan was an active member for many years. That said, she now considers herself grandfathered into the organization, although the powers that be would no doubt disagree.

Susan offers her expertise mostly to people she enjoys. After all, life is short, and she has kids and grandkids to visit in Atlanta, Honolulu, and San Diego. But, if you’re looking for help with your home, yacht, or yurt, please reach out or call her cell. She probably won’t answer, but if you leave a message, she’ll get back to you ASAP.